Akira fan made live action trailer project

This is the poster for an online initiative to make a live action trailer for Akira, this time by fans rather than Hollywood who have tried and failed many times to get a version of the film made. The Akira Project have just started a site and blog asking for help and equipment but already have a small team of people working on it.

This came about because of their love of the film and various leaked Hollywood plot rewrites and re-locations (Neo-Tokyo to Neo New York) that have frustrated fans of the original for years. In a recent interview with comic artist Chris Weston, who was drafted in to work on a Hollywood version of Akira, he said the first thing the production team asked him to do was redesign Kanada‘s bike. This is a classic case of Hollywood just not understanding the fundamentals of what makes something a classic and he said he was relieved when it was finally taken out of production.

The Akira Project’s aim is to stick as close to the original as possible and bring a faithful version of it to the big screen but they intend to start at a trailer to show what they are capable of.

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