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Sep 22 2014

The Equestrian Vortex – Death Waltz Originals 002

Available now on Death Waltz Originals‘The Equestrian Vortex’ 10″. Fans of Berberian Sound Studio will already be familiar with the name of this ‘film’.

Looks like a lovely Julian House sleeve again, BUY it here now, one-off pressing.

Sep 18 2014

3-Way Mix in Canada this weekend

Off to Canada this weekend to play two 3-Way Mix shows with Cheeba and Moneyshot in Montreal and Ottawa. Friday will see a return to the SAT in Montreal where I did my dome shows in 2012 and on Saturday we’re at Ritual in Ottawa with promoter Shawn Scallen who was the first person to put Ninja Tune on in that city back in 1996!.

Here’s a photo he took of PC and I from that night and also a short interview I did last week for Apt 613. We’re beginning to upgrade the video side of the mix now and I’ve been editing suitable footage all week for my section which should debut this weekend if I can get it all to synch properly.

*UPDATE* – here’s a 3-Way interview with Darcy MacDonald that went live whilst I was away about the mix

Sep 18 2014

World’s Best Robots ‘Mars/Romulus/Remus’ from 3A

On sale NOW – be quick! There’s also a lovely LookBook (hate that word) on Issu for a more detailed look at the bots.

Sep 16 2014

Polivoks Orthodox mix tape

Message Andy Votel or Doug Shipton to reserve a copy, 100 track mix of Soviet releases on the Melodia label. Also soon available in tape form, the Z ‘Visions Of Dune’ album I recently blogged about – exclusively from Finder’s Keepers’ site.

Sep 12 2014

Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD Teaser

Weirdly another thing with ‘Future Shock’ as a title, must be something in the air – although my mix title takes from both 2000ad and an early 70′s documentary. But anyway, I’ve been meaning to post this for ages but got sidetracked. Someone is finally attempting to tell the story of 2000ad in proper documentary form and they’re really going all out to do it.
So far I think they’ve spoken to anyone and everyone who’s ever been within walking distance of the comic in the last 37 years. Check the trailer above, read the production blog, it will be screening at Beyond Fest and Fantastic Fest in the US in the coming months but there’s no news of a UK premiere yet.


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