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Sep 12 2014

Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD Teaser

Weirdly another thing with ‘Future Shock’ as a title, must be something in the air – although my mix title takes from both 2000ad and an early 70′s documentary. But anyway, I’ve been meaning to post this for ages but got sidetracked. Someone is finally attempting to tell the story of 2000ad in proper documentary form and they’re really going all out to do it.
So far I think they’ve spoken to anyone and everyone who’s ever been within walking distance of the comic in the last 37 years. Check the trailer above, read the production blog, it will be screening at Beyond Fest and Fantastic Fest in the US in the coming months but there’s no news of a UK premiere yet.

Sep 12 2014

Full Bleed demo by Bundy K Brown

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, really juggling a lot of different plates at the moment with gigs, video edits and artwork. Trying to fit music and life into the mix is proving difficult and all my web-time at the moment is being swallowed in a gargantuan update of this site which is over 5 years old now and is showing it’s age.

Until then here’s a treat uploaded by Bundy K Brown, it’s his first pass demo of the track we collaborated on that opened ‘Kaleidoscope’ back in 2000. We took the stems of this version and broke it all up and added to my version to make the one you hear on the LP today. There’s some interesting stuff going on in there as he varies the tempo here and there by a couple of bpm to get a live feel for it (it’s all samples). Check out his Soundcloud as he’s uploading lots of archive stuff at the moment.

Anyway, enjoy – that’s also any early idea for the LP cover in the upload. There’s lots of stuff in the works at the moment that I can share soon with several things coming to a head hopefully and then the blog can become a bit more regular again.

Sep 8 2014

Bernard Szajner’s ‘Visions of Dune’ reissue

Received a vinyl copy of this wonderful album over the weekend from InFiné Records (thanks!) Beautiful packaging with debossing on silver card + insert and inner sleeve, rounding off an excellent record perfectly. Pretty sure this will be in the end of year top 10 album chart for 2014 for me, not a duff track on it. Get it here.

Sep 8 2014

Future Sound of London ‘Environment 5′ out today

The album is out today but if you order from FSOLDigital you get a bonus 3 track digital EP which I downloaded earlier and can confirm is excellent, can’t wait for the album to arrive.

Sep 4 2014

Scarfolk book now up for pre-order

This beauty is now up for pre-order, if it’s anything like the website then it will be excellent.


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