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Mar 31 2012

Kraftwerk month #31 Kover Kollection 7

To finish the month off here’s something that’s been in the pipeline for over a year – KKK vol.7. This took far too long to do and I completely redid the start three times before I was happy with it. I already have over three and a half hours worth of tracks mapped out for [...]

Mar 30 2012

New 2econd Class Citizen single pre-order

Not heard the remixes on this yet but there’s an limited pre-order deal on where you can order this with the new Deckard 7″ for €15.

Mar 30 2012

Solid Steel – Yppah 1981 & DJ Food KKK7 preview

Mine and Yppah‘s mix from last night’s Solid Steel – without chat, you can listen to me and Jon fluff our lines over on StrongroomAlive if you want. Yppah’s mix contains tracks all released in 1981, and, coincidentally, ends with Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer World’ before we get a taste of half of the Kraftwerk Kover Kollection [...]

Mar 30 2012

Kraftwerk month #30 by Anton Corbijn

This unrelated, non-Corbijn bonus photo too because I love it:

Mar 29 2012

Record Store Dude #5 & 8


Dust_and_Grooves_252 D&G book cover slide DJ Food GIANT cover webslide O Is For Orange cover web DJ Food mix set web zen26 252


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