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Jul 31 2012

Machine Man 1-4 covers

Love this sort of thing on comic covers, stolen from King Megatrip‘s blog, go check out his Mega-posts.

Jul 30 2012

DJ Food – ‘The Search Engine’ Live at SAT, Montreal

DJ Food ‘The Search Engine’ live at SAT, Montreal from Solid Steel on Vimeo. This is what I got up to in Montreal recently. Many, many thanks to Anne-Marie Bergeron who put this together at very short notice. If anyone seeing this works at a dome or planetarium, anywhere in the world, and are interested [...]

Jul 30 2012

Moebius: ‘Quatre-vingt huit’ book

I stumbled upon this today whilst surfing the net for something else. It’s a book of ‘personal work’ by Moebius, forms and shapes that have no purpose other than for him to express himself in a non-work context. Similar to the method Henry Flint used in his ‘Broadcast’ book – of letting his mind go [...]

Jul 27 2012

Another Amorphous Androgynous remix of Noel G

Only just heard this and, as an unashamed fan of The Amorphous Androgynous, they continue to deliver. This wasn’t what I was expecting at all and the opening section was a shock. After the 5 minute mark however it takes flight and starts moving in all sorts of directions, passing through early 90′s ambient, late [...]

Jul 26 2012

1000th post! ‘The Search Engine’ at the SAT, Montreal

As it always does, the day of the show came and went in a blur. By 7pm on July 19th we actually had everything in place, there was no last minute rushing around or ‘that will have to do’ decisions. The only thing I was worried about was doing a short introduction in front of [...]


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