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Nov 30 2012

New Natural Self track – free download

Natural Self, who features on my track ‘The Illectrik Hoax’, has a new track up for download from his forthcoming album. This is a more pop direction, something he’s been moving in for a while now and he sings over an electronic background rather than a sample-heavy one of old.

Nov 29 2012

Blade Runner gifs

I could probably watch these for a while… from my favourite gif site gifmovie. Very funny and not always SFW

Nov 28 2012

First full look at Pacific Rim’s Jaeger robots

The first trailer drops on Dec 10th but here’s a look at the Gipsy Danger monster-fighting Jaeger bot from Guillermo Del Toro’s forthcoming Pacific Rim film, due out next July. The silhouette of a human at the bottom shows the scale of it. And now there’s a second one, a Russian ‘Cherno Alpha‘ bot, there [...]

Nov 25 2012

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a2 (Official Video)

Just saw this, beautiful music and video on Erased Tapes.

Nov 24 2012

2000ad prog 1811

This is next week’s 2000ad with amazing wraparound cover by D’israeli (I subscribe so get it 4 days early). Not content with celebrating 35 years worth of publishing, the Dredd3D film and Prog 1800 in 2012, the comic has gone into uncharted territory in what is proving to be a golden year for them. 2000ad [...]


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