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Apr 29 2013

New Pacific Rim trailer

Double whammy today, first Board of Canada, then this! Beyond excited.

Apr 29 2013

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest

After a week of clues in the shape of records, radio and TV broadcasts, soundcloud clips and outside projections, all six numbers have been found. A page asking for a password (the 36 digits in correct order) appeared today and gave us this. Then a link to this – the pre-order for the new Boards [...]

Apr 28 2013

2000ad Prog 1830 cover

Opening the wrapper to my subscriber’s copy of next Wednesday’s 2000ad, I audibly gasped upon seeing the original (and my personal favourite) logo across the top. With retro fonts, aged paper and Ben-Day dot effects, the reinstated offworld credits and the 235p price tag (it was 8p when it launched in 1977), it bought a [...]

Apr 27 2013

Dead Astronaut Gangsta by 3A

After resisting temptation for months on the toy front, I think I’m going to open my wallet again this summer. From Ashley Wood’s 3A company, who else?

Apr 27 2013

I love vinyl and record shops but…

Why do I enjoy record shopping? Entering a record shop is like walking into a huge exhibition of the best and worst music design and packaging from the last half a century. The difference being that the filtering of the collection is up to each shop, a democratic selection based on local tastes and trends, [...]


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