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Jul 31 2013

Moon Zero Two poster and Intro

Terrible film but great poster and animated film intro. Theme tune sung by Julie Driscoll.

Jul 30 2013

Aborted Micronauts cartoon pitch illustrations

How cool is this? An animated version of the Micronauts toy and comic franchise that looks pitched somewhere between Transformers Animated and Tron: Uprising. These are concept drawings, posted by Dave Johnson aka @Devilpig666 via his Twitter account after reaching 10k followers. The pitch ultimately failed and it looks like it won’t be made because [...]

Jul 30 2013

Jack Kirby concept drawings from ‘Argo’ up for sale

From the Heritage Auctions sale site where these two original Jack Kirby pieces are due to be auctioned this weekend: “Jack Kirby Lord of Light/Argo “Pavilions of Joy” Illustration Original Art (1978). This incredible Jack Kirby illustration, loaded with the kind of style only “King” Kirby could provide, has a very interesting story connected with [...]

Jul 30 2013

Forthcoming this Friday…

DJ Moneyshot dissects another Hip Hop classic in his own inimitable way. Any guesses?

Jul 26 2013

Jason and Jim at Tribal Gathering

Steve Cook put these photos up last week on his Secret Oranges blog. Above is Jim Murray and below, Jason Brashill, taken at Tribal Gathering in ’97. Both were then working for 2000ad on various projects, with Jim eventually finishing off vol.2 of the Batman/Judge Dredd team-up ‘Die Laughing’ after Glenn Fabry couldn’t commit to [...]


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