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Mar 31 2014

Fabulous phenakistoscope animation video

The Hope Of A Favourable Outcome by Carly Paradis from The Brothers Lynch on Vimeo.

Mar 30 2014

Star Wars & Empire early prelim posters & logos

I love these examples of early Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back posters with alternate logos and artwork. Even the finished film poster above has a rare shot of the heroes with Leia in Chewbacca‘s arms and the uneven red ‘crawl’ logo which is quite badly rendered when you look at it. Below is an [...]

Mar 30 2014

Musicbox, Lisbon, Portugal poster, April 17th

Poster for my solo DJ gig at Musicbox in Lisbon, Portugal on April 17th.

Mar 29 2014

Thirsty Ear 9th birthday gig in Sheffield

This May I’ll be playing in Sheffield at The Harley for the Thirsty Ear 9th birthday party.

Mar 29 2014

The Electric Hoax Pt.13

The Electric Hoax Pt.13 by Pete Milligan and Brendan McCarthy. This strip appeared in the weekly UK music paper, Sounds, in 24 parts sometime between mid ’78 and ’79. Click image for larger version


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