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Jun 29 2014

‘Inside The Pleasuredome’ – fully funded!

Very pleased to log on and see that the Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Inside The Pleasuredome’ box set I designed has tipped over the 100% mark to become fully funded . Rob Puricelli has put together a great overview of the project on his Failed Muso blog.

Jun 28 2014

Beyond The Black Rainbow soundtrack by Sinoia Caves

I’ve been waiting for this to drop for over a year now, Spencer from Death Waltz hinted at it a long time ago and has since confirmed it here and there online. I saw him a few weeks back and he was saying September and he’s been true to his word as it popped up [...]

Jun 28 2014

Moody Boyz Solid Steel mix

This is a corker of a mix by Tony Thorpe of the Moody Boyz, lots of classic 90′s techno and electronica with bits of his own production thrown in and a ton of Solid Steel-centric spoken word. One of the contenders for mix of the year?

Jun 26 2014

14:76 tribute to 76:14 by Heuss

There seem to be an inordinate amount of anniversaries for great albums and films at the moment. 30, 25 and 20 ‘years ago today’ posts pop up every day at the moment, reminding up of countless classics and making me wonder if there’ll be quite so many in 10, 20, 30 years time? One that [...]

Jun 26 2014

Hand written Michael Eavis by Annemarie Wright

Seeing at Glastonbury is upon us once more it’s appropriate to post this – an image of festival organisor Michael Eavis made from names of all the artists who have ever played the festival. The image is by Annemarie Wright who does text-based illustrations and I’m proud to say that my name is there, just [...]


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