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May 15 2014

Bolland references Bolland (and McMahon)

The Judge Dredd Megazine issue 350 sees Brian Bolland revisit his classic 2000ad Presents cover of old (which is nearly 30 years ago now) with a new version, updating friends and foes alike. This is a fanboy’s wet dream with all sorts of references and characters that Bolland has never drawn before.

Note that Judge Hershey (top left, black bob haircut) is virtually identical to the original version. Whilst Judge Anderson, (bottom left, blonde) who was smirking at Hershey’s straight-faced-ness in the original is now giving a ‘don’t even think it’ kind of look to the other blonde, bottom right (this character’s name actually escapes me).

He’s also had a go at realising Mike McMahon‘s Howler character but it really only comes off like a 2D cardboard cut out against his 3D figures. I’m hoping it’s a wraparound cover too, what with Judge Fire‘s shoulder pad just in shot half way up the left hand side. Both scans taken from Comics Alliance.

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