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Jun 2 2014

Original 2000ad Dredd cover art by Mike McMahon

This original 2000ad cover by Mike McMahon recently sold on eBay for over £4000 after being in a collection for 20 years. You don’t see one of these very often, I only wish I could have afforded it myself.

May 29 2014

Originals #28: Ian Gibson – ‘Day of the Droids’ Ep7, Pg 2

Ian Gibson – Robo Hunter ‘Day of the Droids’ Ep 7, Pg 2, 1980 (640 x 450 mm, black ink and Letratone on art board). 2000ad Prog 158.

May 4 2014

Kevin O’Neill ‘Twisted Times’ original art

Check out this original Kevin O’Neill painting from the cover of the ‘Twisted Times’ collection – short Future Shock stories by Alan Moore from his old 2000ad days. This is on sale now from Artdroids if you have the hefty £6k that Rufus wants for it and underneath is the original book cover it was [...]

Mar 15 2014

The Electric Hoax Pt.11

The Electric Hoax Pt.11 by Pete Milligan and Brendan McCarthy. This strip appeared in the weekly UK music paper, Sounds, in 24 parts sometime between mid ’78 and ’79. Click image for larger version

Dec 19 2013

2000ad Free Book Book Day cover revealed

Check out the not too subtle Spiderman riff by Henry Flint for net year’s Free Comic Book Day edition of the comic. Also check this kids version of Joey Dredd by artist redbaz.


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