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Nov 28 2014

Andy Partridge ‘Powers’

I’m not so up on Andy Partridges‘ solo work (I mainly know him from his XTC days) but this album swam into my field of vision the other day after a search for the book of collected Richard M. Powers‘ artwork. Apparently Partridge was fascinated by Powers’ book covers as a kid and later made [...]

Nov 28 2014

Jeff Soto

Nice to see Jeff Soto reintroducing some of his old characters back into more recent work, the Walker and the Builder were what attracted me to him in the first place but he’s since largely moved on from them. Maybe one day we’ll get the Walker toy they were always going to do…

Nov 28 2014

David Vallade – new website

My good friend David Vallade has a new website, go have a look and commission him to draw something especially for you…

Nov 24 2014

McMahon Dredd commission finished

Drokk!! My Cursed Earth Judge Dredd commission from Mike McMahon finally inked.

Nov 20 2014

‘Triumvirate’ Scrawl Collective exhibition

It’s been 15 years since the release of the first ever Scrawl book. Curated by Ric Blackshaw (with some contacts from yours truly) and Liz Farrelly, it was one of the first books to collect what later became known as ‘urban art’ or ‘street art’. Work that was informed by graffiti, comics, Hip Hop, film [...]


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