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Jul 3 2014

Pleasuredome artwork scanning A/B comparisons

I’ve been scanning the original Welcome To The Pleasuredome artwork by Lo Cole this week and, comparing it to the existing scans I was working with, there’s quite a bit of difference. It’s tempting with Photoshop to put images through all sorts of filters and processes to make the image ‘pop’, much like compression and [...]

Jun 14 2014

Death Waltz Record Store Day releases

Death Waltz Recording Company releases for Record Store Day 2014 (only 2 of the 4). Each album has a splattered colour vinyl disc, a huge 36″x36″ poster, a 12″x12″ card print of the poster plus sleeve notes, a housebag that’s both embossed and debossed and a paper wraparound with release details. These retail at an [...]

Jun 14 2014

Mo Wax 21 / Urban Archaeology exhibition, London

I visited the MoWax 21 / Urban Archaeology exhibition that opened at the Southbank Centre in London, currently home to the James Lavelle-curated Meltdown was stuffed with everything you could want from a visual label retrospective with memorabilia and artwork from across the label’s history and beyond into post MW UNKLE releases. For those [...]

Jun 8 2014

Live action Akira concepts (Hollywood version)

Here are some concepts and designs from what would have been the Hollywood version of Akira, proposed several years ago (and in various forms years before that too). It would have starred Chris Evans as Kaneda and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tetsuo amongst others. These images are taken from the site, go there for more [...]

Jun 7 2014

Clone – Son of Octabred

Beautiful artwork on the new Dead Cert release which is another Clone record taken from a tape of instructions for birthing! Image and text taken from the Boomkat mail out: “Utilising the ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, Polymoog, harmonica/synthesiser interface, Eventide Omnipressor, Roland vocoder and genuinely bizarre narration imploring the listener to “push…” over a background [...]


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