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Nov 25 2014

Cold Rock Stuff- B-Boy Bionics / Dust 12″

Christ this is good! If you lovely real Hip Hop then this is as real as it gets. Cold Rock Stuff with Audessey and Oxygen from Soundsci, mixes by Daily Diggers and The Process, sleeve by Mr Krum. Get it here.

Nov 19 2014

Mo Wax Build & Destroy at the Saatchi Gallery

A unique opportunity to buy items from the Mo Wax Urban Archaeology exhibition opens next week at the Saatchi Gallery. Following on from the brief exhibition at the Southbank (featured here) ‘Build & Destroy’ is an exhibition of rare art works, proofs and merchandise from the  Mo Wax archive. It will also feature new works [...]

Nov 17 2014

Russian gigs this weekend

I’m playing in Russia this weekend with Mr Armtone, Lynch Club in Yekaterinburg and Zvezda in Samara – check the poster for the 2nd gig – beautiful.

Nov 15 2014

Hive billboard

I like how this ad for Hive laid the info out, incrementally bigger bites of info depending on how much time you have but referencing the site it was posted at (a train station). You probably can’t read it but you get the jist from the headings. (Click image for larger version)

Nov 13 2014

Factory Road 45 adaptor Xmas cards + GID dinks

It’s almost that time again, you know the one, if you’re organised and on top of things then these will not be left by the time the 25th rolls around. Sarah and Leigh at Factory Road have now added glow in the dark dinks (GIDD?) to their 45 adaptor arsenal (great stocking filler) and have [...]


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