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Dec 3 2014

Tsugi magazine Kraftwerk Kovers feature

I did an interview with french magazine, Tsugi, about my favourite cover versions of Kraftwerk songs for their Nov/Dec special on the group. It’s out now, all the text is in French though (“Un top 10 des reprises de Kraftwerk”) but I will post up the English version at some point next year. By the [...]

Nov 24 2014

From Russia With Love

As we all know, the life of the international DJ is exciting and glamorous, which is why I was back up at 5am after a 1am bedtime on Friday morning so that I could get to Heathrow for an 8.40am takeoff to Moscow. Add a 3 hour stopover in the airport and another two and [...]

Nov 22 2014

DJ Food ‘Influences ’57-’92′ mix liner notes

If you’ve arrived here via the Dust & Grooves site feature on my collecting then the following is an in depth explanation of the mix made especially for that article. There will be some duplication with the D&G piece along the way, hopefully there will be plenty more to hold your attention though. If you’ve [...]

Nov 20 2014

Russian repost

Just wanted to repost this flyer for the gig on Saturday in Samara as I love it so much. This one is slightly more compact and text-heavy. The deadline is nearly up for the Dust & Grooves ‘guess my mix content’ comp and the full feature & accompanying mix should drop on the site sometime [...]

Nov 19 2014

Strictly 45s at the Big Chill House Bristol

Saturday 29th I’ll be back in Bristol to spin 45s only back to back with Scott Boca 45 at the Big Chill House – join us, I will be going way outside of the genres on this flyer and it’s a rarity for me to spin vinyl these days.


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