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Nov 24 2014

From Russia With Love

As we all know, the life of the international DJ is exciting and glamorous, which is why I was back up at 5am after a 1am bedtime on Friday morning so that I could get to Heathrow for an 8.40am takeoff to Moscow. Add a 3 hour stopover in the airport and another two and [...]

Nov 20 2014

‘Triumvirate’ Scrawl Collective exhibition

It’s been 15 years since the release of the first ever Scrawl book. Curated by Ric Blackshaw (with some contacts from yours truly) and Liz Farrelly, it was one of the first books to collect what later became known as ‘urban art’ or ‘street art’. Work that was informed by graffiti, comics, Hip Hop, film [...]

Nov 20 2014

Cosmic Trigger – the play

The crowdfunded play ‘Cosmic Trigger’ opens in Liverpool and London this weekend and next week, based on Robert Anton Wilson‘s follow up to the Illuminatus trilogy but also taking in his life story. It’s being staged by Daisy Eris Campbell, the daughter of Ken Campbell who staged a version of Illuminatus in Liverpool back in [...]

Nov 19 2014

Mo Wax Build & Destroy at the Saatchi Gallery

A unique opportunity to buy items from the Mo Wax Urban Archaeology exhibition opens next week at the Saatchi Gallery. Following on from the brief exhibition at the Southbank (featured here) ‘Build & Destroy’ is an exhibition of rare art works, proofs and merchandise from the  Mo Wax archive. It will also feature new works [...]

Nov 19 2014

DJ Cheeba rescores Plan 9 From Outer Space

This Friday at the Watershed, Bristol – DJ Cheeba re-scores Plan 9 From Outer Space, the Ed Wood ‘classic’. It’s going to be nuts and may never get another outing, sadly I’m in Russia so can’t go along.


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