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Nov 19 2014

DJ Cheeba rescores Plan 9 From Outer Space

This Friday at the Watershed, Bristol – DJ Cheeba re-scores Plan 9 From Outer Space, the Ed Wood ‘classic’. It’s going to be nuts and may never get another outing, sadly I’m in Russia so can’t go along.

Nov 17 2014

Red Snapper ‘Mambety’ DJ Food remix video

Red Snapper have made a video, directed by Danielle Callesen, to the radio edit of my remix of ‘Mambety’. Check it out above and buy the EP here.

Nov 15 2014

Inside The Pleasuredome – the Sarm Studio visit video

Here’s a short film of what went on at the Sarm Studios playback event of ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’. For people who didn’t get a copy of the box set or were restricted by territory (N. America and Japan were excluded because of licensing laws) you can now order it through Am*z*n and elsewhere (although [...]

Nov 6 2014

Sequel art show at iam8bit

Imaginary film sequel art show opening at iam8bit Gallery in LA next week. More info and images here on the Entertainment Weekly site.

Nov 5 2014

Jet Propelled Cinema last night

‘How Psychedelia infected Hollywood Sci-Fi’ last night at the BFI was another head trip along the lines of the Julian House / Ghost Box event earlier this year. The program ran: Yantra (1957) by James Whitney, Momentum (1968) and Samadhi (1967) by Jordan Belson, Catlog (1961) by John Whitney, Solar Express (1969) by Augie Cinquegrana,  [...]


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