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Oct 25 2014

Angry Birds Transformers VHS trailer

Love this retro take on the original Transformers intro with the new Angry Birds crossover game – ‘Birds Disguised as Robots in Disguise’.

Jun 10 2014

No Man’s Sky trailer 2

Mar 23 2014

Titanfall videos

Mega Mecha trailers for the new Titanfall game. and this went slightly viral earlier this week

Feb 11 2014

No Man’s Sky

I’m no a ‘gamer’ by any stretch of the imagination, we have no PS3, XBox or Wii in our house so all I see is what the kids play online. But I REALLY want to play this if it ever comes to fruition. More info here.

Feb 4 2014

Help scientists beat Cancer sooner via a video game

Love the idea behind this, not played it yet but will definitely be trying it out. Please watch this 75 second video to find out how playing this can help scientists beat Cancer sooner. More info here.


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