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Jan 27 2014

A Future Past – Kraftwerk Uncovered

I went for a rather unique night out at the Science Museum on Friday, with fellow ‘music enthusiast’ Mark ‘Osymyso’ Nicholson no less. We were there to hear J. Peter Schwalm‘s reinterpretations of Kraftwerk numbers with the group Icebreaker in the IMAX theatre. Being a fan, and also a collector of cover versions of the [...]

Jan 15 2014

Lego Machine & Frankie Goes To Legoland

Following on from the post the other day and just for the hell of it.

Feb 13 2013

Kraftweek 8 – Consolation nights in Cardiff & Glasgow

By now, the word is out, there are limited ‘returns’ tickets on the door of the Tate and, if you’re prepared to stand in the cold for an hour or two and queue, you have a good chance of scoring one for the shows left. That’s all well and good if you live in London [...]

Feb 12 2013

Kraftweek 7 – by Nicolas Villeminot

These brilliant charicatures of Kraftwerk were done by Nicolas Villeminot and feature, among many more, on his Deviant Art page.

Feb 11 2013

Kraftweek 6 – ‘Computer World’ for Clash Magazine

The piece below was written for Clash Magazine who are running articles during the London concerts Kraftwerk are playing at the Tate Modern. I was among several other artists asked to choose my favourite album of theirs and write about it. Kraftwerk appeared in my life at the beginning of 1982* when ‘The Model’ scored [...]


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