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Feb 12 2013

Kraftweek 7 – by Nicolas Villeminot

These brilliant charicatures of Kraftwerk were done by Nicolas Villeminot and feature, among many more, on his Deviant Art page.

Feb 11 2013

Kraftweek 6 – ‘Computer World’ for Clash Magazine

The piece below was written for Clash Magazine who are running articles during the London concerts Kraftwerk are playing at the Tate Modern. I was among several other artists asked to choose my favourite album of theirs and write about it. Kraftwerk appeared in my life at the beginning of 1982* when ‘The Model’ scored [...]

Feb 10 2013

Kraftweek 5 – by Andy Dog

I found this on the web recently – a Record Mirror cover from 1978 featuring Kraftwerk by Andy Johnson. Some may know Andy by his other pen name: Andy Dog, he’s also the brother of Matt Johnson (The The). He had this to say about it: “Blimey, what a find! Yes that is one of [...]

Feb 9 2013

Kraftweek 4 – Ralf & Florian, human after all

My favourite member of the group used to be Karl with his impish good looks and funky drumbeats, but over time I’ve come to appreciate Florian Schneider because of his mysteriousness and obvious sense of humour. Both he and Ralf Hutter have come across as cold and humourless in recent years because of the minimal [...]

Feb 8 2013

Kraftweek 3 – Kraftwerk Kover Kollection 8

Volume 8 already (with enough saved for vol. 9 too)! This hour long mix has a bit of an angle over previous ones as I saved a lot of jazz, acoustic and piano versions for this and left out most of the electronic side. Save for some timely skits that comment on the ticketing fiascos [...]


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