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Sep 28 2014

Inside The Pleasuredome – the Sarm Studio visit

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to squeeze into Sarm Studios alongside 60 other Frankie Goes To Hollywood fans and assorted industry people for a playback of ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’. Ably hosted by Classic Album Sundays‘ Colleen Murphy it was a final farewell to the studio were the album and thousands of other [...]

Sep 23 2014

Jeremy Schmidt’s BTBR soundtrack & MTH podcast

After waiting years, it’s finally here, Jeremy Schmidt‘s soundtrack to Panos Cosmatos’ ‘Beyond The Black Rainbow’. It’s short but it’s more than sweet and beautiful to behold in the packaging we’ve come to expect from the mighty Death Waltz label. I appear to have an orange vinyl version with no sleeve notes though, not sure [...]

Sep 22 2014

The Equestrian Vortex – Death Waltz Originals 002

Available now on Death Waltz Originals – ‘The Equestrian Vortex’ 10″. Fans of Berberian Sound Studio will already be familiar with the name of this ‘film’. Looks like a lovely Julian House sleeve again, BUY it here now, one-off pressing.

Sep 16 2014

Polivoks Orthodox mix tape

Message Andy Votel or Doug Shipton to reserve a copy, 100 track mix of Soviet releases on the Melodia label. Also soon available in tape form, the Z ‘Visions Of Dune’ album I recently blogged about – exclusively from Finder’s Keepers’ site.

Sep 12 2014

Full Bleed demo by Bundy K Brown

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, really juggling a lot of different plates at the moment with gigs, video edits and artwork. Trying to fit music and life into the mix is proving difficult and all my web-time at the moment is being swallowed in a gargantuan update of this site which is over [...]


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