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Apr 9 2014

The The ‘Soul Mining’ deluxe box set + ‘GIANT’ 12″

I’m finally allowed to shout about this. A remastered, deluxe box set of The The‘s seminal debut LP, ‘Soul Mining’. A classic to many and one of my all time top 5 albums as well as the source of the track ‘GIANT’ that I covered with Matt Johnson on my LP, ‘The Search Engine’. I [...]

Apr 2 2014

Nico Motte ‘Inaccessible Island’ video

Love this record so much, one of the best of the year so far. Now there’s a video to go with it and you can get it on iTunes too.

Mar 26 2014

Black Channels – ‘Oracles’ video

Black Channels, a new project featuring The Simonsound with not too much info other than that. Intriguing tumblr here. Soundcloud here. Main site here.

Mar 13 2014

iVCS3 by Jonny Trunk

Well this is extremely cool – Jonny Trunk has dipped his toe into the app world and come up with an official EMS VCS3 emulator for the iPad! And it looks fantastic, well it would because it has the interface of a VSC3 (or a bastardised multi-screen version). More info here or you can buy [...]

Mar 10 2014

10 tracks whilst at studying at Camberwell College of Art

Arts London Music Magazine asked me to name 10 influential tracks to kick off their Rewind series. These are specifically songs that took me through my three year BA degree course at Camberwell College of Art in London during the years 1990-93. I wrote a little piece about each including design inspirations as well as [...]


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