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Dec 15 2014

New Trevor Jackson LP – 12 tracks, 12 formats in 2015

Distilled from over 100 tracks made over the last 14 years, Trevor Jackson has teamed up with The Vinyl Factory to release a version of his next album as 12 different formats. A version including 12″, 10” and 7” vinyl, CD, Mini CD, Cassette, USB, VHS, Mini Disc, DAT, 8-track and Reel-to-Reel will be available [...]

Dec 15 2014

The Advisory Circle’s ‘From Out Here’ album

The latest album from Jon Brooks under his The Advisory Circle guise is his best yet. I feel confident in saying this, not only because it’s already received universal praise from others but because there’s something in ‘From Out Here’ that goes further than before. There’s a deeper sense of menace than previous, lighter, works, [...]

Dec 3 2014

Tsugi magazine Kraftwerk Kovers feature

I did an interview with french magazine, Tsugi, about my favourite cover versions of Kraftwerk songs for their Nov/Dec special on the group. It’s out now, all the text is in French though (“Un top 10 des reprises de Kraftwerk”) but I will post up the English version at some point next year. By the [...]

Dec 1 2014

Dan Lish’s ‘Ego Strip’ project

By day Dan Lish works as a concept artist for the video games industry but in his spare time he creates images of Hip Hop’s pioneers in a trippy style that brings to mind Moebius at his best. Check out just a few here and head over to Dan’s site to find out more about [...]

Nov 28 2014

Andy Partridge ‘Powers’

I’m not so up on Andy Partridges‘ solo work (I mainly know him from his XTC days) but this album swam into my field of vision the other day after a search for the book of collected Richard M. Powers‘ artwork. Apparently Partridge was fascinated by Powers’ book covers as a kid and later made [...]


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