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Sep 16 2014

Polivoks Orthodox mix tape

Message Andy Votel or Doug Shipton to reserve a copy, 100 track mix of Soviet releases on the Melodia label. Also soon available in tape form, the Z ‘Visions Of Dune’ album I recently blogged about – exclusively from Finder’s Keepers’ site.

Sep 12 2014

Full Bleed demo by Bundy K Brown

Sorry for the lack of recent updates, really juggling a lot of different plates at the moment with gigs, video edits and artwork. Trying to fit music and life into the mix is proving difficult and all my web-time at the moment is being swallowed in a gargantuan update of this site which is over [...]

Sep 8 2014

Bernard Szajner’s ‘Visions of Dune’ reissue

Received a vinyl copy of this wonderful album over the weekend from InFiné Records (thanks!) Beautiful packaging with debossing on silver card + insert and inner sleeve, rounding off an excellent record perfectly. Pretty sure this will be in the end of year top 10 album chart for 2014 for me, not a duff track [...]

Sep 8 2014

Future Sound of London ‘Environment 5′ out today

The album is out today but if you order from FSOLDigital you get a bonus 3 track digital EP which I downloaded earlier and can confirm is excellent, can’t wait for the album to arrive.

Sep 1 2014

Vintage Foetus on September 1st

Seeing as “today is the 1st of September!” (Foetus ‘day’ if ever there was one) here’s a vintage interview with JG Thirlwell himself, not far off 30 years ago, from Sounds. (right click on the image and download in to read a larger version)


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