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Dec 10 2014

Originals #29: Judge Dredd Mike McMahon commission

Mike McMahon – ‘Dredd & Spikes in The Cursed Earth’, private commission, 2014 (420 x 297 mm, black ink on paper).

Jul 25 2014

Originals #29: Jim Mahfood – Paul’s Boutique mix tribute

Jim Mahfood – ‘Caught In The Middle of a 3-Way Mix’, 2012 (420 x 420 mm, black ink on paper). The Paul’s Boutique deconstructed mix that this image is for can be heard here.

Jun 2 2014

Original 2000ad Dredd cover art by Mike McMahon

This original 2000ad cover by Mike McMahon recently sold on eBay for over £4000 after being in a collection for 20 years. You don’t see one of these very often, I only wish I could have afforded it myself.

May 29 2014

Originals #28: Ian Gibson – ‘Day of the Droids’ Ep7, Pg 2

Ian Gibson – Robo Hunter ‘Day of the Droids’ Ep 7, Pg 2, 1980 (640 x 450 mm, black ink and Letratone on art board). 2000ad Prog 158.

May 4 2014

Kevin O’Neill ‘Twisted Times’ original art

Check out this original Kevin O’Neill painting from the cover of the ‘Twisted Times’ collection – short Future Shock stories by Alan Moore from his old 2000ad days. This is on sale now from Artdroids if you have the hefty £6k that Rufus wants for it and underneath is the original book cover it was [...]


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