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Apr 9 2014

Epic Beard Men 7″ on Blunt Force Trauma

Those lovely people at Factory Road (purveyors of Solid Eggs, 45 adaptors, gallery spaces, Inkymole illustration etc) also run an occasional record label called Blunt Force Trauma. Their latest release is in conjunction with Sage Francis, an artist they’ve enjoyed a long association with, providing artwork for several of his releases over the years. Co-released [...]

Mar 16 2014

Joe Mansfield’s Beat Box Book special edition

I’m featuring this again because I just got the special (Record Store Day 2013) edition and it’s one of the nicest packages I’ve seen in a while. A heavyweight slipcase to house the sumptuous book of drum machine photos which really aren’t done justice on a blog here as they are gorgeous up close in [...]

Feb 4 2014

Bombay Bicycle Club box set by LaBoca

La Boca have designed this lovely box set for the new Bombay Bicycle Club LP, ‘So Long’, which comes with a CD, a gatefold LP, an exclusive 7″, story & song book and a working Phenakistoscope (similar to a zoetrope). Find one at their site or see the beautiful fly posters of the artwork around [...]

Dec 5 2013

Solid Steel 25 freebies

A selection of these, with a mystery mix selection, will literally be floating around the club tomorrow for the first 100 people in the door…

Dec 3 2013

Best Artwork / Packaging of 2013

I was one of the people asked to pick some of my favourite record sleeves of the year for the 405 website – regular readers of this site might recognise a few images along the way too. Shouts for The Simonsound, Luke Insect, Trevor Jackson Julian House, Boards Of Canada and MachineDrum. Check out the [...]


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