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May 19 2014

The Soundcarriers’ LP ‘Entropicalia’ out today

Go HERE to buy the album and download this and another Julian House-designed poster for free.

May 16 2014

Daft Punk merchandise adverts

Check these fantastic homages to 70′s and 80′s ads for the new Daft Punk merchandise. Great work by whoever did them and proof that a band can have fun and be creative when marketing their wares. Get Lucky HERE. (sorry, had to do that)

Apr 14 2014

Over The Edge film poster

Found this online the other day, never heard of or seen the film but like the design and mood of it.

Apr 10 2014

Nick Stewart Hoyle aka Signalstarr

This guy’s work is phenomenal, that perfect balance of 70′s and 80′s retro, vague sci-fi overtones, interesting lost fonts, saturated colours and a distinctly weathered texture all round. Check out his site, Signalstarr Portals for more.

Mar 30 2014

Star Wars & Empire early prelim posters & logos

I love these examples of early Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back posters with alternate logos and artwork. Even the finished film poster above has a rare shot of the heroes with Leia in Chewbacca‘s arms and the uneven red ‘crawl’ logo which is quite badly rendered when you look at it. Below is an [...]


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