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Mar 5 2014

3-Way Mix interview and mix on Hardcore Classic, Sydney

On the last full day of the Australia 3-Way Mix tour we met up with Tom, Raine and the guys from Hardcore Classic, a Hip Hop show that goes out on the 2SER station in Sydney. We were quizzed for over an hour and played a short section of the live 3-Way Mix version before [...]

Feb 27 2014

The ’3-Way Mix’ Oz mini tour recap

We got back from Australia at 5am on Wednesday morning after what seemed like days of flying in cramped seats but it was worth it. The first mini tour of the Paul’s Boutique 3-Way Mix went well and I’ll throw out some highlights here rather than going into a prolonged tour diary. Playing the Perth [...]

Feb 9 2014

3-Way Mix interview on Universal Magnetic

There’s an interview with Cheeba, Moneyshot and myself on this edition of Bristol’s Universal Magnetic Radio show with Ben One and Awkward. It was conducted inside the boat shortly after we’d nailed the InnoFADER routine a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the other two don’t get much of a word in until about half way through [...]

Nov 4 2013

Fulldome mix on Solipsistic Nation no.308

The soundtrack mix to my fulldome version of The Search Engine has just gone up as part of the latest podcast on Solipsistic Nation. Alongside a short interview you can hear an altered, slightly more ambient version of the album with remixed versions and edits of a lot of the tracks. This is the version [...]

Aug 21 2013

Aardman Animation’s ‘Darkside’ Teaser

This is rather good, the BBC have produced a new radio play, ‘Darkside’, written by Tom Stoppard. He apparently wrote his dialogue over Pink Floyd‘s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, using it as a kind of “emotional underscore.” It’s going to be broadcast at 10pm next Monday on Radio 2 and Aardman Animation have created [...]


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