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Apr 10 2014

Dark Side of the Covers

A designer called Harvezt on Flickr has done some reverse views of classic albums with a ‘what if?’ look at ‘the dark side of the cover’. More are at the link above, I’ve just picked my favourites.  

Apr 9 2014

The The ‘Soul Mining’ deluxe box set + ‘GIANT’ 12″

I’m finally allowed to shout about this. A remastered, deluxe box set of The The‘s seminal debut LP, ‘Soul Mining’. A classic to many and one of my all time top 5 albums as well as the source of the track ‘GIANT’ that I covered with Matt Johnson on my LP, ‘The Search Engine’. I [...]

Apr 9 2014

Epic Beard Men 7″ on Blunt Force Trauma

Those lovely people at Factory Road (purveyors of Solid Eggs, 45 adaptors, gallery spaces, Inkymole illustration etc) also run an occasional record label called Blunt Force Trauma. Their latest release is in conjunction with Sage Francis, an artist they’ve enjoyed a long association with, providing artwork for several of his releases over the years. Co-released [...]

Apr 3 2014

Amorphous Androgynous ‘The Cartel’ 2xLP tracklist

Taken from the Galaxial Pharmacutical: The tracklisting for The Amorphous Androgynous‘ ‘The Cartel’ 2xLP Record Store Day vinyl edition has been revealed: 1. The Chaser [Black Light Cinema Remix] 2. 000000 [Cranium Pie's Baking Research Centre Remix] 3. City Of Regrets [Broadcast Of Variants Remix] 4. Where Does The Evil Go 5. Tunnel Vision [DJ [...]

Mar 23 2014

A Field In England re-Imagined

I saw this is coming out for Record Store Day, the soundtrack to ‘A Field In England’ re-imagined by a band called Teeth of the Sea. No idea what it sounds like but I like the cover.


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