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Dec 6 2014

Big Hero 6

Saw an early UK preview of this today with the kids (it’s been out in the US for a while though). Really good family fun with enough for the adult child in you as well. Lovely design on the main character and some fun fish-out-of-water moments as he gets acclimatised to the outside world.

Sep 18 2014

World’s Best Robots ‘Mars/Romulus/Remus’ from 3A

There’s also a lovely LookBook (hate that word) on Issu for a more detailed look at the bots.

Sep 1 2014

Kid Koala ‘Nufonia Must Fall’ live show

Kid Koala‘s latest show is so multifaceted that it almost defies description, it certainly isn’t easy to sum up in one sentence anyway. In 2003 he released a 300 page silent graphic novel called ‘Nufonia Must Fall’ about a robot who falls in love with a girl (no spoilers there). He’s now translated it into [...]

Aug 25 2014

Gundam designed by Syd Mead

Arrived last week from Shota from Beatink Inc. in Tokyo whose 20th anniversary logo I’ve just designed – going to take some time to get round to building this one, it’s huge! Thanks Shota

Feb 6 2014

TK Hunter from 3A

“Over 24″ tall” – just take my money already.


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