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Feb 6 2014

TK Hunter from 3A

“Over 24″ tall” – just take my money already.

Feb 5 2014

Iron Man x 4 from 3A

Available Feb 13th from 3A

Jan 23 2014

Build Kaneda’s bike from Akira in Lego

So tempted to get the ‘how-to’ build book for this version of Kaneda‘s bike from Akira made from Lego. It’s been made by The Arvo Brothers and is only available direct from them – more info over at Crunchyroll.

Jan 21 2014

Ultimate Blader Runner gun replica nerd-out

Jan 16 2014

Lasstranaut 3A 2014 members set

This wonderful piece of design is Lasstranaut, part of the Popbot Universe created by Ashley Wood and his company 3A. She’s a much talked about but seldom seen character in a world that seems to live largely in Ash’s head rather than on the printed page these days. Rumour is that she created the world [...]


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