Palais De Tokyo Ninja Tune Zen Expo

  • OPENED: Mar 2004
  • LOCATION: Palais De Tokyo , Paris, France
  • CAT No.: N/A
  • DESIGN CREDITS: Openmind
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT: The original illustration of my Ninja logo was on display as were the maquettes of Coldcut from the Let Us Play era
Palais De Tokyo expo - 18.jpg

Around the time of the ZEN compilations Ninja held a retrospective exhibition at the Palais De Tokyo in Paris. I was asked to design the look and layout of it and, after visiting the site, had grand plans to bring the Light Surgeons out and use the size to project moving graphics across two walls. The place is massive and trying to fill it with posters and sleeve art would be a very big job indeed. One wall was taken care of with a display of sleeves spelling Ninja Tune but the rest was done by someone else as the budget just wasn’t available to go the whole hog.