Gray Market Goods – The Shape of the Future / Soldier of Fortune

  • RELEASED: 2003
  • FORMAT: 12″
  • CAT No.: THRILL 12.27
  • DESIGN CREDITS: Openmind (after Vaughn Bodé)
  • EXTRA ZEN: Thrill Jockey page


Bundy K Brown – whom I had collaborated with on ‘Full Bleed’ from Kaleidoscope – did a one-off 12″ for Thrill Jockey under this alias and asked if I would design the cover in exchange for some mixing work. He and I are big Vaughn Bodé fans and he wanted something that paid homage to the great artist so I worked up these original images based on his characters and style. I decided space was the theme and had a lizard in the cockpit of some kind of random vessel looking forlornly out of the porthole as he drifted in space.

All lettering was scanned and pieced together from Vaughn’s own writing and the logo adopted his bubble style letters within a speech bubble. When it came to colouring the images I meticulously scanned tons of sections of his paintings to get exact matches for colours and that unique texture his paintings have. These were then mapped into the outlined images, layer by layer until I had something that could genuinely pass for an undiscovered Bodé. Vaughn’s son, Mark, got wind of this and actually paid me a compliment on the rendition, saying that it was one of the better homages he had seen.