Bonobo – Live Sessions EP

  • RELEASED: Sept 2005
  • CAT No.: ZENCDS170
  • DESIGN CREDITS: Openmind
  • EXTRA ZEN: Live Sessions EP

Bonobo Cd front.jpg

Simon Green (Bonobo) wanted an EP of new and live tracks to sell as merch on his US and Canadian tour so i was asked to come up with some simple but covetable as a tour exclusive. He had 6 tracks plus the previously released Four Tet remix of ‘Pick Up’ and my idea was to do a partially silvered CD with part of the artwork showing through and no booklet so that the disc became the cover graphic. For this you need a maximum of 35 minutes of music and ‘Pick Up’ was a nine minute epic which had to be edited down to fit on the alotted time. This was one of the easiest jobs I had done in a while as Simon loved the first design i showed him! The Bonobo logo starts on the underlying tray and is then printed across the CD disc, reappearing through the centre spindle hole and then off on to the disc again so you have to turn the disc at the correct angle so that the letters match up. The back cover imagery of the London Planetarium was taken from an old book on telescopes and the other blurred light photography was taken in Japan when I was messing about with a new digital camera.