Virgo / Murder Us

  • RELEASED: May 2009
  • FORMAT: 12″ / CD Promo
  • CAT No.: ZEN12233 / ZENCD233P
  • DESIGN CREDITS: Openmind
  • EXTRA ZEN: page
    Keep Up! interview

This one had plenty of people guessing with various explanations of blood, entrails, worms, paint and the like. It was actually old fabric paint dropped in water which made it curl into worm-like shapes briefly before dissipating into a brown cloud. I got one decent shot of it at the start and all subsequent attempts didn’t capture the same effect. See the interview on the Keep Up! website for more details.

I also did some experimenting with altering waveform images from an audio restoration program where it showed the sound more in terms of colour than spikes. Several versions of this concept were produced by we both agreed that the paint was stronger. I’ve included various different placements of the image with alternate type treatments along the way before I arrived at the final version.