Trumpet Riffs

  • RELEASED: May 1996
  • CAT No.: TOOL5
  • DESIGN CREDITS: Openmind
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT:  Raphael was actually a pseudonym of Ralph Lamb, of The Herbaliser and The Easy Access Orchestra
  • EXTRA ZEN: page

This album was an attempt to introduce another side to the sampling game other than beats and scratches – trumpet riffs. The idea was that if you sampled anything from the record you would pay a license fee to Ninja (as any good, honest producer would) Funki Porcini has parts of this all over his later records if I remember and I think we used some on the Coldcut Journeys By DJ mix somewhere. This design has never been seen in it’s intended colours before until now, as my computer monitor wasn’t calibrated correctly and I was relying on the colours I saw on screen as those that would print (this was before I got a Pantone book). I also didn’t have a colour printer and the first time I saw the finished thing was when they were shipped to Ninja. The light blue was a turquoise and the burgundy, a reddy brown! I’ve got used to it over the years but it was a learning experience.