Session 1 & 2

  • RELEASED: Aug 2009
  • FORMAT: CD / Ltd 2xCD
  • LABEL: !K7
  • CAT No.: !K7245CD / !K7245CDLtd
  • DESIGN CREDITS: Openmind / Ollie Teeba
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Jake Wherry

If you’re not familiar with the Session 1 album there is good reason as it was recorded nearly 10 years ago and not released on Ninja Tune but on the Herbs’ own Dept H which was distributed by the now defunct Beechwood Music. This was a live album of various cuts from their first three long players in the form they’d been playing as a full touring band and was fairly limited at the time, going on to command high prices. Now the band have recorded a follow up with material from the last three albums and !K7 have reissued the first volume in a special double CD pack as well as the regular, singular Session 2.

Having done all their artwork since the first album with the exception of Session 1 and the last LP ‘Same As It Never Was’ (other work commitments) I was delighted to go back and fill a space in the catalogue. I completely redesigned the first volume and paired it with a new look for the second from an initial idea by Ollie Teeba – a simple but classic pair of sleeves focusing on large 1 and 2 numerals containing photos from various recording sessions. I ran with this and produced an array of designs in a kind of library music style with geometric number forms, some of which feature inside the booklets now as there were too many to use. Here are some more of the alternate designs as well as variations where I included the number 1 & 2 in the word Session although it was later taken out (!K7′s decision not mine).