DJ Vadim & Primecuts – Architects of the Great

  • RELEASED: 1998
  • FORMAT: Cassette
  • CAT No.: JFRT001
  • DESIGN CREDITS: Openmind
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Openmind / Nancy Brown
  • EXTRA ZEN: Discogs page
Architects of the Great tape cover

Two sides of a cassette and two sides of the architectural coin: the background textures on this mix tape were of rusting metal and the foregrounds were the plans for Frank Gehry’s (then) new Bilbao museum. I wish that had really been the intellectual intent behind this combination at the time but, in reality, I just really liked the colours on the decaying metal and the strange, organic nature of Gehry’s arial view of his new creation. As a result, it’s nice to look at but ultimately very difficult to read and way too arty for a hip hop mixtape.