• RELEASED: 1995
  • FORMAT: 2xLP / CD
  • LABEL: Instinct
  • CAT NO.: EX.3221/EX-316-2
  • PRODUCERS: PC, Strictly Kev, Mario Aguera
  • COMPILATION TITLE: Earthrise: ntone 1
  • EXTRA ZEN: Discogs
earthrisentone1-lp-150.jpg earthrisentone1-cd-150.jpg

Also features the DJ Food track ‘Inosan’ from ‘A Recipe For Disaster’ included under the artist name Hedfunk (don’t ask). Both ‘Earthrise’ comps are essentially Instinct records ruthlessly exploiting their licensing agreement with Ninja and Ntone and making patchwork compilations out of all sorts of material that was around at the time, even retitling some things in the process.