D Is For Dig (unreleased)

  • MADE: Dec 2003 (unreleased)
  • CAT NO.: N/A
  • MIXER: Strictly Kev
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT: Approx 5 copies
  • EXTRA ZEN: An edition of Jonny Trunk’s OST show around 2005 that I featured on played many tracks from this compilation
Sesame D Is For Dig cover.jpg

One hour mix compilation of mostly unreleased music from the early 70′s from Sesame Street. After licensing and re-editing the ‘Pinball Number Count’ track for the original version of ‘Now, Listen’ I went to New York to dig through the archives at the Sesame Workshop. Coming home with masses of material I compiled an hour long mix CD of the material that will delight both children and DJs in equal measure. At the moment this remains unreleased due to legal licensing complications at Sesame Workshop…

But it does exist in some form, a demo I sent to various people at Sesame Street to get them into the idea complete with dummy artwork. This is obviously a mock up but there was talk of hiring the puppets out and creating a basement digging scenario for the sleeve. Cookie Monster would be eating the records, The Count would be on the cash register counting, The Grouch would be in the dollar bin etc etc. Annoyingly, several years later, two (quite excellent) DVD compilations called ‘Old School’ appeared with a large amount of content baring a striking similarity to some of my mix.