HEAD (DJ Food Re-score)

  • RELEASED: July 2005
  • LABEL: N/A
  • CAT NO.: N/A
  • MIXER: Strictly Kev
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT: Each DVD includes one of 8 random flyers for the Dublin Head performance
  • EXTRA ZEN: Watch
Head Rescore DVD

DVD with alternate soundtrack / slideshow. Originally commissioned for a Cinetrip gig in Budapest in 2001, this re-imagined soundtrack for the Monkees’ career-ruining film ‘Head’, mutated into a full blown project over the next 4 years. Originally performed live on 3 turntables to the showing of the film, the score evolved with each performance until a perfect mix of tracks could be found for each scene. Finally, at the end of 2004 a finished version was recorded and synched to the film for this limited promo DVD housed in a mirrorboard cover, mimicking the original vinyl release.