Red Snapper – Last One

  • RELEASED: Nov 1996
  • FORMAT: 2×12″ / CDS / 12″ promo
  • CAT NO.: WAP84 / WAPCD84 / WAP 84P
  • TITLE: (Red Snapper Coldcutted and Gutted by DJ Food) / (Eaten by DJ Food & Coldcut)
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT: From the ‘Loopascoopa’ EP. During the mixing of the second Blech album for Warp we were given dubplates of new tracks that they wanted mixed in for exclusive content, the original of this was amongst them and this was a result of a little polite request to do something more with it. Somewhere on a tape there’s a short jazzy comedy version with PC scratching “you’re red like a snapper” over the top. The 12″ promo is titled (Eaten by Coldcut & DJ Food) but PC did this alone so it was changed on the final release.
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