Boards of Canada – Sometime In The Future

  • RELEASED: Feb 2002
  • FORMAT: Radio mix / 3″ CD
  • LABEL: N/A
  • CAT NO.: N/A
  • MIXER: Strictly Kev
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT: 10 copies
  • EXTRA ZEN: Listen here

I wanted to do something really special for this, being a big fan of the group. There was a lot of secrecy surrounding this record and I was given a copy of the album just before the release. I rushed through it in a weekend to make the deadline for the radio show so that this could be out the week it was released.

As a thank you I made 10 copies in a foldout hexagon sleeve, each with a different sticker inside and a 3″ CD containing the mix. I sent four to Mike & Marcus, two to Warp and kept four for myself.