Double Dee & Steinski – Now We Come To The Payoff

  • RELEASED: 2003
  • FORMAT: Radio show / 2xCD
  • LABEL: N/A
  • CAT NO.: N/A
  • MIXER: Strictly Kev
  • GUESTS: Steve Stein, Douglas DiFranco, DK
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT: Some CDs versions include extra material, radio ads and outtakes
  • EXTRA ZEN: Discogs
DD & S Solid Steel 150.jpg

DK and I interviewed the dynamic duo in Double Dee‘s studio after a great sushi meal in what turned out to be the longest interview they’d ever done together. It was the first time we’d met Douglas and he was on top form (as was Steve) throughout the two hour recording.

After I’d gone through the material he dug out the original re-edit of Led Zeppelin‘s ‘The Crunge’ that he’d made for ‘Lesson 3′ so that we could use it in the piece. Likewise Steve provided adverts, audio flyers for old gigs and the original session material for the unfinished ‘Lesson 4′ from back in the eighties.

When Douglas heard the final show he emailed me after only hearing 20 minutes to say thanks as he was totally blown away. Two versions exist, a two hour internet broadcast one and another for the double CDs that has 17 more minutes of material. Only around 10 CDs were made for the participants and friends and the inner sleeve includes a scan of the original letter Tommy Boy sent out to promote the contest for which ‘Lesson 1′ was created.