Now, Listen! – The Directors Cut

  • RELEASED: Sept / Nov  2001
  • FORMAT: Radio shows
  • LABEL: N/A
  • CAT NO.: N/A
  • MIXERS: PC, Strictly Kev, DK
CD INLAY 3.jpg

Come the time of the mix CD’s release we compiled a 2 hour ‘Director’s Cut’ of music that we had discarded, mixes that we liked but didn’t make the grade and tracks we couldn’t license. We included Ollie Teeba’s contribution (from Jazzy Jay to The Herbalier’s own ‘Shocker Zulu’) as it was originally integral to the mix and the original mix ending (from Steve Miller to Starvue). For my money there are sections here that would have made the version we finally released even better, the ‘Simon Says/Addams Family’ routine, the inclusion of Lorez Alexandra, 10cc and Vangelis but these were all refused or the licenses unobtainable.

Unfortunately the CD was released on Sept 22nd 2001, ten days after 9/11 and we had DJ Vadim’s ‘the Terrorist’ a cappella in the mix. Being that it would have been highly inappropriate to include it in a radio broadcast at the time, it was removed and a compilation of excerpts from various interviews we had given were inserted over ‘Ug’. PC had recorded lots of us doing simultaneous interviews over speaker phone only a few weeks earlier so I chopped them up and replaced the offending a cappella at the 11th hour. There was also another Director’s Cut, again 2 hours long, that we prepared for the London Xpress show on XFM which was subtly different again with variations on some mixes. Also an online Groovetech session that DK and I did which was us performing the ‘live’ version of the mix that we toured later, including parts of this version and more.