Solid Steel presents ‘Now, Listen Again!’

  • RELEASED: Apr 2007
  • FORMAT: CD / CD promo / edited CD promo / 7″ / Ltd 2×7″ promo / Serato DL
  • CAT NO.: ZENCD123 / ZENCD123P / ZEN7123P / ZEN7123PR
  • PRODUCERS: DK, Strictly Kev
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT: Hidden track at the start of the finished CD, you have to press play and hold down reverse to get to it. The original promo CDs had a different track at one point which was removed at the 11th hour due to licensing issues. The 3 track download version was the first official release on Serato’s promo site.
  • EXTRA ZEN: page
zenCD123 final (web).jpg