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Sep 24 2014

Gigs, gig, gigs

Here’s a post about several gigs I’ve got coming up this Autumn / Winter that are a bit different from the norm. Above are two shots from last weekend in Derry where part of my 360 degree dome show ‘The Search Engine’ was being shown by Fulldome UK. I was actually in Canada at the time but this show can operate without me needing to be there so I can be in two places at once :)

I was in Canada for two rounds of the 3-Way Mix alongside DJ Cheeba and DJ Moneyshot where we reconstruct the Beastie BoysPaul’s Boutique album across 4 decks from 150 different sources. There are several more 3-Way shows coming up (for all dates see the right hand column) but one is going to be in a very different setting than usual. On Nov 1st we play at Soul Circus at Mullion Holiday Park, Helston in Cornwall at a Day of the Dead-themed masked Halloween ball. For more info check here as this one should be nuts.

Backtracking, on Oct 23rd I’ll be playing before a screening of the Sun Ra film, ‘Space Is The Place’ at Watershed as part of the AfroFuturism themed Sci-Fi season the BFI are putting on. For this I’ll be doing one of my new sets that I’ve christened ‘Future Shock’ after the recent mix I did for Altar Ego Radio and the gig at the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London. This is not a club set by any means, much more a chill out, back room, social event type of set where a soundtrack along a space / sci-fi / future theme is needed. I also plan to have AV content to go with it and to expand my set up so I can play around more with the sounds.

The day after this I’ll be back in London for the big Soundcrash show at The Forum with Nightmares On Wax, Peanut Butter Wolf, Teebs and more. This will be an AV set but I’ll be bringing the heavy drums and electronics out for this one.

Two weeks later will see me the other side of the world for my first trip to Noumea, New Caledonia where I’ll be playing two nights alongside DK at the MV Lounge – 30 hours door to door I’m told. Then a weekend in Russia and another different gig in Bristol to finish the month off. I’ll be doing an all 45′s night back to back with Boca 45 at the Big Chill House on Nov 29th.

Sep 24 2014

Kid Acne – The Birth of Hip Hop mural

Kid Acne has just completed this incredible mural up in Sheffield which was commissioned by the Festival of the Mind. What’s interesting about this image is that it’s around 15 years old and was originally going to be the cover for DJ Vadim‘s side project The Isolationist when it was still called ‘Orators of Advanced Thought’.

Back in the late 90′s I was doing the artwork for Jazz Fudge, Vadim’s label and was introduced to Edna (Kid Acne) with a view to him contributing to some of the releases. Ed was finishing his college course at the time but painted a version of this as part of the final show I think (could be wrong here) and sent photos down to be scanned.
I can’t remember why they weren’t used but I still have roughs of it in the archive. What a great image and exciting way to end a terrace of houses, we’re seeing more and more murals like this springing up these days in the UK and that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

Photos by Shaun Bloodworth (portrait) and Andy Brown (Yo! action shot) courtesy of Kid Acne. Check the video of the making below too.

THE BIRTH OF HIP-HOP / UNIVERSE RAP from Tom Sykes on Vimeo.

Sep 23 2014

Jeremy Schmidt’s BTBR soundtrack & MTH podcast

After waiting years, it’s finally here, Jeremy Schmidt‘s soundtrack to Panos Cosmatos’ ‘Beyond The Black Rainbow’. It’s short but it’s more than sweet and beautiful to behold in the packaging we’ve come to expect from the mighty Death Waltz label.

I appear to have an orange vinyl version with no sleeve notes though, not sure what happened there but I’ve mailed Spencer at DW to find out.

Also, here’s the new More Than Human radio show in handy downloadable form: it features a full-length interview with Jeremy (aka Sinioa Caves) plus some of his soundtrack picks; a final preview of the New Forms Festival (in Vancouver this weekend just gone) and lots of new, old and obscure electronic and experimental treats.
You can subscribe for free to the podcast in iTunes – that way the show auto-downloads every week.


Sep 23 2014

The Writing On The Wall book kickstarter

My good friend Scraffer is involved in putting out a reprint of Roger Perry‘s ‘The Writing On The Wall’ book, a long out of print collection of photos of graffiti around London from 1976. A Kickstarter has got off to a great start and will see the book expanded with new photos and text plus an intro from Bill Drummond. You can pledge HERE with optional extras of T-shirt, postcards, print, hardback version and more.

Sep 22 2014

The Equestrian Vortex – Death Waltz Originals 002

Available now on Death Waltz Originals‘The Equestrian Vortex’ 10″. Fans of Berberian Sound Studio will already be familiar with the name of this ‘film’.

Looks like a lovely Julian House sleeve again, BUY it here now, one-off pressing.


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