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Oct 19 2014

How Kraftwerk changed my life x 20

The Vinyl Factory published this extensive article last Friday about Kraftwerk‘s influence on electronic music and I was asked to contribute. Alongside 19 other artists including Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, OMD, Moire, Malcolm Catto, Goat and more we were asked to pick our favourite release and how it changed our lives. I chose ‘Autobahn’ which, by coincidence, is 40 years old next month apparently. Read the full piece here.

Oct 17 2014

Bill Tavis ‘Fractal Thinking’

Bill Tavis ‘Fractal Thinking’ via Trippy Visions Daily We will control all that you see and hear…

Oct 16 2014

The Equestrian Vortex 10″

Scarey as hell, voice reels and foley sounds from the film within a film from Berberian Sound Studio. 10″ via Death Waltz which is sadly sold out at source, but who have just begun reissuing their original back catalogue in remastered and expanded form. Cover by House from the outtake posters he designed for the original film.

Oct 16 2014

Discovering Scarfolk – the book

The Discovering Scarfolk book arrived today and it’s a beautiful object, perfectly realised and presented. The dark humour that runs through the website of the same name is here in physical form, looking just like a government handbook from yesteryear as is the intention. Having not had time to fully digest it I can see that pieces from the website are reprinted but there’s possibly other new material too. Well worth a look and no doubt a read too. Perfect Xmas present fodder.

Oct 16 2014

Punks – the comic

Following on from the insane God Hates Astronauts from last month it seems now is the season for really very silly / funny / un-PC comics as Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain bring you ‘Punks – The Comic’.

Essentially a series of scenarios involving four housemates – Skull, Abraham Lincoln, Fist and Dog – in various surreal episodes that recall the Young Ones mixed with the irreverence of Tank Girl more than anything else.

The difference here is that the artwork is all rendered in a beautiful sepia collage style which is what drew me to it in the first place. Skull seems intent on punching Dog in the balls but is thwarted by his protective Wunderpants, Dog is whacked through the ceiling and has to fight for his life after accidentally killing a roaming garden gnome.

There’s also a few pages of games with a cut out card game which ends with the winner getting a punch in the nuts and a page of puzzles which have no easy winners. Any comic that can include the lines “Your balls will be mine! For me to smash with my hands!… That came out wrong” is fine with me. Out now from Image, very silly and NSFW, my new favourite comic, can’t wait for issue 2.


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