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Jun 15 2014

Artifacts #14 – 7″ BBC Sound FX records

7″ BBC Sound Effect records from the collection of my father-in-law. Notice they are billed as Long Playing and are cut at 33 rpm.

Jun 10 2014

DJ Shadow’s D.N.A.P. site

DJ Shadow has started a tumblr to showcase pieces from his collection called D.N.A.P., short for ‘Does Not Affect Play’ – a term record buyers will recognise as a description on some used discs when marks are visible on the wax. It’s a collector’s wet dream with not only records but also promo photos, badges, [...]

May 25 2014

Dust & Grooves book launch, London

Friday at the Dust & Grooves book launch – so many lovely people, shame I had to jet early for another gig, will make up for it later today at the Vinyl Library get together.


Dust_and_Grooves_252 D&G book cover slide DJ Food GIANT cover webslide O Is For Orange cover web DJ Food mix set web zen26 252


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