Flexibition #37: Cornelius ‘Curiosity Killed The Ape’ 4 x 6″s + record player

Cornelius _Curiosity discs
This is a pretty special release I picked up in Japan at the turn of the century. Cornelius has always pushed the boundaries with both his music, live performances and videos and this is no exception. Four 6″ ‘Sono-sheets’ under the title of ‘Sound Hunter’ (Pts.4-7 – not sure what happened to the first three), a 182 page book and a DIY record player. I’ve never built it so can’t vouch for the fidelity of the contraption but only in Japan do things like this happen.

Cornelius _Curiosity disc.pt7
Three of the four discs are on YouTube but the ‘Fantasma Radio Spot Take #1’ sadly isn’t. The music veers from rock to vocal pop to crazed sampledelia and all the disc are worth a listen. You can find copies on Discogs but they’re not cheap as you’d expect. There’s not much I can add to this because most of the text is in Japanese but marvel at how well it’s come together.

Cornelius _Curiosity disc.pt6

Cornelius _Curiosity disc.pt5

Cornelius _Curiosity disc.pt4

Cornelius _Curiosity book Cornelius _Curiosity inside Cornelius _Curiosity back Cornelius _Curiosity front

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