Four From Food Fridays #17.11

FourFromFoodFridays 17.11
Four From Food Fridays – a weekly look at four things that have been doing it for me. They can be new or old, any style so long as it’s been getting some rotation in the studio. From top left:
The By Cracky Beat (Lowrey’s Chocolate) 7″ – groovy freakbeat promo for chocolate bar
Klaus Wiess – Time Signals (Trunk) LP – Drums & electronics, old library in new form on Trunk
Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury – Drokk (Invada) 2×10″ – alternative synth-heavy soundtrack to the Dredd film
Paul Reid – The Sounds of Expo 67 (Sonologue) 7″ Travelogue montage around Montreal’s Expo 67

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