Soundsci ‘Expo 2014’ 10″ sampler trailer

I edited this little promo together for Soundsci‘s forthcoming EP, ‘Expo 2014’, from Darrell Krum‘s excellent artwork files last week. It’s a 10″ sampler of 4 tracks + Bonus Beats for 2014’s releases on their World Expo label. For those who don’t know, Soundsci are a UK/US Hip Hop super group consisting of Jonny Cuba (ex-Dynamic Syncopation) and Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser) who form the production team The Process from the UK.

From the US comes Audessey (ex-Mass Influence), U George and Oxygen (Sputnik Brown, Spox PHD). They have a busy year ahead with Soundsci releases, Ollie Teeba’s solo album and a U George solo LP and the 10″ showcases a track from each. Available on Feb 21st, go here for more info.

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