3 thoughts on “WWR NW Bertie Mk3 Mode B

  1. Yeah, I don’t have room for the 1/6ths anyway! Too many KAWS Companions, etc (that I should get rid of). The 1/12th is a friendlier size (from a cost perspective as well).

  2. No it isn’t mine, would like to have one but alas, not made of money and I have the Deep Powder and JEA versions already. Yes 1/6th, got this off the 3A site, love the pose and the graphic-ness of it. Maybe when the they do the 1/12th versions I’ll get one.

  3. Is this yours (1/6?)? And if so, is that your overly organized glass-enclosed ‘wall-of-collection’ in the background then? Nice one, on both fronts… and if it’s not yours, I won’t have those pings of jealousy as strong as they might be.. :)

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