Yellow Submarine original background painting

Wish I could afford this, currently on sale on eBay – going at $1,525.00 with 1 day left. Nice story behind it from the seller too:
“My mother used to work for King Features in New York, and as a young child I would often accompany her to work.  Many times to keep me entertained I would be seated in a screening room and shown Yellow Submarine, as I was a huge Beatles fan. One day, I found a large selection of Yellow Sub production material on the floor by the freight elevator in the process of being thrown out. Needless to say, I grabbed a lot of it (wish I’d grabbed it all!).  I had a rather large collection of cels, backgrounds and production drawings. Eventually, I decided to part with them, and over the years I’ve sold them all, both on eBay and at auction through the It’s Only Rock and Roll auction house in NYC. Recently, however, I found that I still had this piece left.

Although it is about 45 years old and certainly shows its age, it is unique and lovely. Please feel free to ask any questions. If you bid, please remember that this is a one of a kind piece that has not been stored in a fancy vault somewhere…I was about 12 when I acquired the Yellow Sub pieces, and a plastic bag was my idea of storage. It is in far from perfect condition, but is also historical, unique, and from one of the most wonderful and classic animated films ever made.”

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