DJ Food ‘The Shape Of Things That Hum’ EP

front cover detail
back cover detail
back cover detail
Promo CD on body
  • RELEASED: 30 Nov 2009
  • FORMAT: 12″ / DL / CD promo
  • CAT No.: ZEN12252 / ZENDNLS252 / ZENCDS252P
  • DESIGN: Openmind / Henry Flint
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Alice Ceresole
  • SPOTTERS DELIGHT: 12″ A2 double sided poster cover + full colour inner sleeve. DL and CD promo contains three exclusive bonus remixes by Mr P (PC) unavailable on the vinyl.
  • EXTRA ZEN: ninjatune page / BUY

Part 2 of the trilogy – a 5 track 12″ housed in a full colour inner sleeve, wrapped in an A2 double-sided poster cover, another of Henry Flint’s amazing illustrations – done specially for this release. He only provides the line work though and I colour each image in Photoshop using a combination of photos, transparency and colour balancing.

It’s a painstaking process involving many layers, minute mouse work and multiple options and variations. I did several screen shots of the work in progress as I went this time (see animated gif in gallery) and I’d estimate it took roughly 2 weeks of intense work. It wasn’t helped by Photoshop bugs flattening the image for no reason after saving. I’d wake up the next morning to find a whole session had been lost and had to use Time Machine to go back a stage to un-flatten the thing. Another setback was ‘the orange juice incident‘ where one of my sons managed to knock a whole glass of juice over the laptop – effectively frying the logic board – after a weeks work on it in the evenings on holiday.